Custom eLearning solutions for nurses

Easy-to-navigate interactive courses with voice-over

The Overview

A global biopharmaceutical company chose to partner with Yes eLearning to design and develop an eLearning program for nurses who work in an organisation that addresses specific patient needs.

It was essential for the nurses to understand the genetic diseases and the drugs the company develops to treat them. They needed to learn remotely, eliminating face-to-face training completely. Yes eLearning created a customised program that was both engaging and interactive thanks to its narrative component.

The Context and Challenge

The challenge involved ensuring that the nurses had an understanding of the disease, the medication, the process and procedures expected of them. Another expectation was to ensure protocols were adhered to.

The patient is at the centre of everything the company does. The program would have to reflect this by using positive images. Besides being comprehensive and effective, the program would also need to be easily digestible.

The Process and Insight

Yes eLearning was provided with 6 PowerPoint deck modules comprising 149 slides. These needed to be updated with the new branding and company colours and then developed into interactive e-modules. Our eLearning consultant was able to take all the key information and messages from these slides and use them in developing a custom eLearning program.

The Solution

A 5-module eLearning training program aimed at nurses who will visit patients at their homes and administer their medication.

Take a look at this example of one of the interactive slides.

The course has been designed to keep the learner engaged for its duration, as it follows a logical easy-to-navigate and visually appealing program.

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The Results

  • The course was designed to be a long-term program, it is active and still being rolled out to the nurses.
  • Its purpose is to help educate new nurses employed in the patient support program.
  • Feedback regarding the course is gathered at the end of the program and shared with management.


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