eLearning Solutions Tailored to Sales Representatives

Memorable bite-size learning based on real-life scenarios

The Overview

There is a genuine business need for sales representatives to be able to respond to questions from customers based on real-life scenarios. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is vital for sales representatives to fully understand –and be able to discuss– product information and the contents of specific drugs. Finding an effective way to make the information memorable for the learner means that the eLearning module has to be true to life.

The Context and Challenge

eLearning modules need to address real-life interactions between sales reps and potential customers. The learner is presented with a situation and needs to consider carefully how they will respond –as the consequence of their decisions or actions will have consequences.

The Process and Insight

‘Multiple choice’ assessments are traditionally used to determine whether a person knows certain information. However, ‘good results’ can be achieved by rote learning and idle memorisation: they are not meaningful in expressing the consequence of actions and decisions present in real-life scenarios. Yes eLearning can design courses that replicate real-life scenarios, giving you positive results in real situations. Our experts can create a tailored eLearning solution using existing courses or assessments in need of refreshing and updating. Yes eLearning can also work with subject matter experts (SME’s) to design new courses for new products and brands from scratch.

The Solution

eLearning modules that offer branching scenarios which allow the learner to make decisions that will take them on a journey –as if faced with a real customer!

This example was built using Articulate Storyline 360.

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The Results

  • Learners will have a clear insight into how to respond to life-like situations, instead of simply memorising information.
  • Rather than just knowing something, learners will know how to apply their knowledge.
  • The course’s success can be measured by applying points to correct answers, as well as during role play sessions post course.


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