Global Pharmaceutical Client

Engaging and interactive science-lead instruction and learning

The Overview

A global biopharmaceutical company with science at the core of everything they do. The company prides itself on having knowledgeable and ethical representatives, which meant that the need to minimise and hasten face-to-face training could not compromise the excellence of science-lead instruction and learning. By partnering with Yes eLearning, The client was able to substitute face-to-face training with engaging and interactive eLearning modules that comply with medical regulatory requirements, and are easily accessible for offline viewing and review.

The Context and Challenge

eLearning courses will be more effective if sales representatives understand the concept of the clinical evidence before attending classroom training. By preparing meaningful questions regarding the study outcomes from their eLearning in advance, they can engage in the practical application of the clinical evidence.

The Process and Insight

The L&D team had not delivered classroom training by eLearning before, but they did have PowerPoint decks with some of the information used for classroom training, as well as PDF copies of the actual clinical studies. Yes eLearning, together with the Medical Science Liaison Professionals, created a comprehensive eLearning program comprising engaging videos, scripts and assessments with key information extracted from these slides and studies.

The Solution

A clinical evidence eLearning program, aimed at all new sales representatives, with the option to use as a refresher for others.

The course is designed as a blended learning program and is broken down into manageable chunks with interactive videos, activities and questions to ponder along the way.

We used Articulate Storyline 360 to create the course. It creates a personalised experience by using variables to display the user’s name, date of completion and other interactions throughout the course. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were used to create and enhance images and other design aspects.

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The Results

  • The client continues to use the course as blended learning for all new starters before they attend classroom training.
  • Post training feedback has been positive.
  • Sales representatives’ results have also been positive during assessments and practical assessments relating directly to their clinical evidence knowledge.
  • Classroom time is optimised as the learner has pre-gained knowledge. This way, the trainer can spend quality time presenting evidence instead of giving long classroom lectures.


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