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Structured writing courses that adapt to different schedules

The Overview

Yes eLearning developed an eLearning course for a global client's manufacturing division. The objectives were to help manufacturing staff learn how to structure their writing for documents and instructions, how to present lists and create tables, and how to use graphics to explain instructions for machinery and labelling bottles.

The learning program used narration to present information and then gave the learner the opportunity to create tables.

The Context and Challenge

The program was originally meant to be a face-to-face training for staff, but the flexibility of an eLearning program won in the end. Given that the manufacturing facility operates 24/7, keeping staff at their stations is imperative. Training small groups at a time so that operations continue running would mean that L&D resources would be stretched. By opting for an eLearning course, learners could fit it into their own schedules.

The challenge was for the staff creating tables to understand how to condense information into relevant and short sentences without losing vital material. Also, learning to create tables that would be easy for their colleagues to understand and implement at a glance. Finally, learning to create lists with graphics that were relevant rather than distracting.

The program would have to depict structured writing, easy to view and understand, and give practical examples for learners to try out.

The Process and Insight

Yes eLearning was provided with the PPT slides for 3 modules and was tasked with developing a program that was aesthetically pleasing and logical in flow. Most of all, the program needed to be interactive so learners could practise how to structure a table.

The Solution

A 3-module interactive course comprised of manageable, bite-size learning sections. The modules were 10 minutes each, from an instructional point of view, and learners could then take as long as needed to complete the activities.

Once completed, they were expected to follow up with their respective managers to discuss the next steps regarding learning at their stations.

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The Results

  • The course is currently active and the feedback has been positive.
  • Feedback regarding the course is gathered at the end of the program and shared with managers/coaches.
  • Yes eLearning will be adding another module soon.


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